Manatee - Single Payer Class War

Manatee will be releasing a new pair of songs on the Single Payer Class War single. The 7″ flexi will be available in December, but Slumberland will take your preorder today; the record includes the songs “Mr Super” (above) and “Chased By Anderson Cooper.”

“Mr. Super” is a hard, fast punk classic from a band that checks themselves with the right amount of humor. My memory of Manatee will forever be the comment made by their singer during a set at the Uptown in Oakland: “this song my son and I wrote about Obama.”

UPDATED: The release show will take place at Vitus on December 3rd, with Wax Idols.

About the single, from the label:

“Mr Super” is the poppier of the pair, bringing to mind mid-80s SoCal pop-punk in the same way that label-mates Terry Malts do. Powered along by the pummeling rhythm section of Nik (bass) and Chris (drums), “Mr Super” is either about our president or a super hero, only singer Keith knows for sure. “Chased By Anderson Cooper” is a nightmare brought to life, the frantic hardcore rush mirroring the protagonist’s panic. Both songs are packed with guitar crunch galore, often exploding into shards of uncontrolled feedback. Not too bad for a bunch of old men.