Over the weekend, the Opening Ceremony blog posted an entry by photographer Ryan McGinley, who shared several videos from a solo performance by Girls‘ Christopher Owens at an SF gallery last year. The set includes beautiful renditions of a handful of Girls songs, including several currently unreleased tracks, and a few covers.

Said McGinley:

“A year ago today was the opening for my show Life Adjustment Center at Ratio 3 Gallery in San Francisco’s Mission. Christopher played an acoustic set in the gallery, and everyone sat down on the floor to listen. He had told me about doing a special set for me, and then he played all of these songs that I had never heard at the time. It was the best surprise ever. A lot of them ended up on the new GIRLS album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Here are some videos of his performance that night.” ––Ryan McGinley.

You can check out more videos below and at Opening Ceremony. (Via Pitchfork)