The Soft Moon @ Popscene 8/25/11

What better sort of grownup Halloween activity is there than to go see a band as spooky as The Soft Moon on Halloween? They’re playing tonight to celebrate not only the holiday, but the band’s newest Total Decay EP (out on Captured Tracks). The Bay Bridged caught up with Luis Vasquez to see in what direction the project is going with the latest release. See The Soft Moon tonight at the Independent with LED ER EST and Chelsea Wolfe – tickets are still available (9pm, $13, RSVP).

The Soft Moon – “Total Decay”

Interview after the jump . . .

There are new elements on the EP I haven’t heard in previous Soft Moon songs, including some tribal percussion. What other new things are you experimenting with in your songwriting?

I’ve found myself experimenting more with the production side of things and also concentrating a little more on mixing. Sonically, the EP is a little more radical in terms of expression and versatility. I wanted to use the EP as a chance to get some of my more “out-there” ideas on the table with tracks like “Repetition” and “Visions.”

Did either of the additional members to the band play a role in the writing or recording process for this EP?

The EP happened so fast that there really wasn’t a chance for Justin and Damon to be a part of the writing process. We took a short break in between tours in which I took the time to quickly write the four songs. I plan on bringing them more into the recording process come the second LP.

Do any of the EP’s songs have a story behind it worth sharing?

The self titled track “Total Decay” is about being a hypochondriac. I was almost sure I was dying of something the night before I wrote it. The track “Alive” was written shortly after.

What plans does Soft Moon have planned for the turn of the year? Can you promise something sweet for New Year’s Eve?

New Years is still up in the air for us. We can be pretty spontaneous at times, so you never know.

Looking back, what is your favorite Halloween costume from childhood?

When I was about 12 years old I wanted so badly to be Freddy Krueger. When I got home from school the day of Halloween my mom surprised me with the striped sweater, face paint, hat, and glove. I put everything on and went to my backyard to scare my dog. Then I took off my costume, left it in the backyard and went back inside my house for a few minutes. When I returned my dog had ripped the entire costume to shreds! So I ended up just being a burn victim for Halloween.

Any Halloween shows from your past stick out as memorable, either that you performed or attended?

Nothing incredibly memorable. Seeing a band like Gwar on Halloween would be pretty memorable though?