So these teases at Drag City think they can send out a press release that’s just a piece of cover art, a tracklisting, and a cheeky paragraph of text about how great Ty Segall‘s upcoming Spiders 7″ is, and we’ll fawn all over it, sound unheard?

Well, they’re right. Spiders is out 11/8 and features two Segall originals on the A-Side, with the title track described by the label as a song that “creeps heavy and sounds like some Finnish funeral if it were a slow-jam on a dance

[floor] littered with off-handed mutterings of the word ‘gnarly’ and everyone just a tad high but no one copping to it.” On the B-side, there’s a cover of The Groundhogs’ “Cherry Red.” You can play it cool like you’re well-versed in ’60s/’70s British blues rock, but if not, check out the original below.

Ty and his band are at the Brick and Mortar Music Hall on Friday, Gilman on Saturday, and the Mezzanine on Tuesday.