Thee Oh Sees at TIMF Day 2

Thee Oh Sees introduce their manager as new member, a second drummer is EXACTLY what they needed. #TIMF2011

(AG) Day 2. #fuckyeahtheeohsees #TIMF2011

(NB) It’s getting rowdy thanks to Thee Oh Sees #TIMF2011

(BVH) Foggy SF the perfect backdrop for Weekend at TIMF.

(AG) #TIMF2011 Day 2 weather report: a bit cloudier today, but still relatively warm! Be sure to bring layers, just on case.

(NB) Saw my first costume of the day, a very cheerful taco.

(NB) Weekend just jammed for 10 minutes over a single haunting vocal loop. Excellent.

(AG) Spotted: lots of people with fingers in their ears. Weekend is LOUD. #TIMF2011

(NB) Watching the show from atop of a pirate ship bus. #TIMF2011 is the best!

(BVH) Weekend totally crushed “Hazel” and “Coma Summer” to close their set. The new EP rules too, by the way.

(NB) Amazing to hear how the Antlers have transmitted the intimacy of their records to a large festival crowd.

TIMF 2011 Day 2

(NLB) Hands down, the best music to get it on to: The Antlers’ “Parentheses” or all of Burst Apart. #TIMF2011 #ongroundconfessions

(AG) Aaaaand the Antlers brought the sunshine. Thanks guys! #TIMF2011

(AG) the Antlers just said that this is “just the best festival ever.” Awwww. #TIMF2011 @timfsf

(NB) The sun is out – don’t forget to screen-up. Also, be a friend, if you see I missed a spot let me know #TIMF2011

TIMF 2011 Day 2

(NB) Found the end of the balloon rainbow.

(AG) Oh Annie, Marry Me. Please? #albumreferences #doublemeaning #TIMF2011

(AG) I forgot how intense “My Lips Are Red” is in a live setting. #ilovestvincent #TIMF2011

(AG) Interviewing grandmas for our Confessions video. #ongroundconfessions #TIMF2011

TIMF 2011 Day 2

(NB) Drumline #timf2011

(AG) It is a gorgeous day today. #TIMF2011

(AG) Stephen Malkmus just asked if this was Burning Man. With the big dancing lady statue, I can see why he’d think that. #TIMF2011

(AG) “Baby C’mon”! #thankyoustephen #TIMF2011

TIMF 2011 Day 2

(AG) One of the Jicks wants a cigarette. Someone in the audience help her out! #TIMF2011

(NB) Stephen Malkmus to the crowd: “Anyone 28? Single and loving it?” #TIMF2011

(AG) The Head and the Heart sound so, so lovely. #TIMF2011

(NB) As the sun goes down behind the Tunnel stage the Head and the Heart are silhouettes #TIMF2011

(AG) Lots of couples cuddling on the ferris wheel. #oohlala #TIMF2011

(NLB) Ferris Wheel Confessions #TIMF2011 have ended! Thanks for sharing with us everybody. Until next year. #partytime #occupytreasureisland

TIMF 2011 Day 2

(ML) scenic sunset with Beach House! #TIMF2011

(NB) Friendly Fires, loving the live horns gentlemen #TIMF2011

(NB) Burrr…it’s getting a wee bit chilly #TIMF2011

(AG) Spotted: lite brite sweatshirt #TIMF2011

(AG) Craig Finn wins the award for the Most Enthusiastic Frontman. #TIMF2011

(AG) Yes, Death Cab for Cutie, you will possess our hearts. No doubt. #TIMF2011

(NB) Silent Disco! Nothing like seeing hundreds of people in headphones all explode at a at the same time #TIMF2011

(NB) From earlier: leave it to SFPD to send out officers with Grateful Dead guns #TIMF2011

(NB) I love the people who dance no matter how far they are from the stage.

(AG) Ben Gibbard and Death Cab are such a joy to watch. So energetic, yet focused. #TIMF2011

(AG) Goodnight, #TIMF2011. It’s been awesome.