Thee Oh Sees 9/29/10

There are many reasons to arrive early to the Treasure Island Music Festival this weekend: short lines for the festival shuttles, plenty of time to explore the festival grounds, picking out choice spots at the Bridge and Tunnel Stages, and most importantly, catching this year’s local openers.

This year’s set of locals represent some of the best of the Bay. Geographer will open the festivities on Saturday, while Weekend and Thee Oh Sees will occupy two early slots on Sunday.

Geographer – “Kites”

Thee Oh Sees – “Carrion Crawler”

Weekend – Hazel by Slumberland Records

I remember thinking at last year’s Treasure Island Festival that Geographer would be a logical opener for the 2011 rendition. The three men of Geographer have been doing well for themselves, selling out their headlining Noise Pop Festival show and cultivating a wide fan base. In fact, that last few Geographer shows I’ve attended have been packed with notably enthusiastic crowds. Bridge Stage, 12:00 pm, Saturday October 15th.

Thee Oh Sees will play the opening slot on Sunday. It’s a bit of surprise that Thee Oh Sees haven’t yet played the Treasure Island Music Festival, given the band’s prolific history in the Bay Area – but either way, better late than never. The band’s brash energy and equally dynamic music will absolutely be worth seeing this Sunday, as always – even if you’ve seen them before (which is highly likely), the band is sure to bring something unique to the island. Bridge Stage, 12:00 pm, Sunday October 16th.

Weekend’s notoriety (both local and otherwise) is fresh and well-deserved. The band continues to push the envelope in the field of excellent shoegaze/post-rock, as found in debut LP Sports and new EP Red (via Slumberland). Directly following Thee Oh Sees, Weekend’s performance on Sunday should prove to be the perfect opener for a day jam-packed with eclectic indie rock. Tunnel Stage, 12:40 pm, Sunday October 16th.

Check out this early Bay Bridged video interview with Geographer, featuring the band’s fantastic cover of New Order’s “Age of Consent,” as well as Yours Truly’s video of Weekend with Young Prisms: – Geographer from Fenny Kuo on Vimeo. presents: Young Prisms x Weekend from Yours Truly on Vimeo.