Battles came barreling out of the indie gates in 2007 with Mirrored, a spastic debut that defied genre. Make no mistake: “Atlas”, from Mirrored, will shake you to your very core. Not that Battles haven’t released other noteworthy, eclectic songs since then – but oh man, “Atlas.” It just rips.

Battles released their latest, Gloss Drop, back in June via Warp. While Battles shrunk from four members to three since Mirrored‘s release, Glass Drop still manages to capture Battles’ original unique sound, but with new-found buoyancy and elegance. If the energy of their music is any indication, the band’s Treasure Island Music Festival performance should prove to be a true stunner.

Battles are scheduled to play the Tunnel Stage at the Treasure Island festival on Saturday, October 15th from 3:45 – 4:30 pm, right in the middle of Saturday’s electronic-infused lineup.