The 2011 Treasure Island Music Festival is almost here! We’re very excited to return to the island for this year’s fest, which features a wide variety of top-notch performers. As in past years, we’ll be live-blogging and photographing the sights and sounds all weekend long.

You should be there too, which is why we’re pleased to be giving away a pair of two-day TIMF passes! To win them, though, you’re going to have to get a little creative.

Over the years, Treasure Island has served as a location for the filming of a number of movies and television programs. According to Wikipedia:

In 1988, Treasure Island stood in for the Berlin airport in Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Numerous pictures starring Robin Williams were filmed on the island, including Flubber, What Dreams May Come, Patch Adams and Bicentennial Man. Sigourney Weaver’s character in the thriller Copycat lived in an impressive private compound on the island. Also filmed there was The Parent Trap and it was used in an establishing shot of The Caine Mutiny, the trial which ostensibly takes place on Treasure Island, though this is never mentioned or referenced in the film.

Treasure Island hangars served as the stage location for the “bullet time” visual effect in The Matrix and as soundstages for the film adaptation of Rent directed by Chris Columbus.

For three years Treasure Island served as the site of Comedy Central’s Battlebots television show. The offices and penthouse apartment sets in Nash Bridges were located on the island during the show’s production (1996–2001). The island currently serves as base of operations for the prototypers in the Discovery Channel series Prototype This!.

One of the warehouses on Treasure Island served as a film setting for a NBC series titled Trauma.

To enter to win the pair of TIMF passes, we want you to insert a band or artist performing at this year’s festival into one of the movies or shows that was filmed on Treasure Island. Write a short description of the character or characters that the musician(s) would play, and how they would figure in to the plot, etc.

Send your entry to contest

[at] with the subject line “Treasure Island Giveaway.” Best entry by end of Friday wins it. Points will be awarded for humor and creativity. We’ll announce the winner and post some of our favorites on the site on Monday.

Get writing!