Dikes of Holland

Hatz off to Oakland’s Mama Buzz cafe. For tonite she brought the goodz. Fuck 1st Fridays, here’s to 4th Thursdays. 3 great bands, Lagunitas IPA, and a killer patio. Music 4 or 5 nights a week, and a hella-fine looking menu!

Battle Stations

Battle Stations opened. They hail from Seattle and might just be Washington’s answer to Uzi Rash (and I mean that in the best of ways). They tell me they closed the set with “I put a spell on you” but I’m not so sure… I felt a little Joy Division in the air, but not overtly so. Speaking of which, I wish Peter Hook would actually play his bass (as hard as he tried to be Ian Curtis last week at Mezzanine – and a nice job at that – it was sad to see that bass dangling around his neck untouched). Battle Stations possess warm, cheezy keyboards and screamy passionate vocals. Good stuff.

Austin’s Dikes of Holland took the middle slot. I’ve been hunting these guys down for 6 months and finally got ’em where I want ’em. A room with 20 people feels just right. They swapped vocals, instruments and sweat. The drummer was sportin’ a Fungi Girls shirt! Clearly these guys know what’s what. The myspace offers 16(!) tasty tracks. Check ’em out. And get yer hotel room for SxSW while yer at it (it’s less than 6 months off!).

Oakland’s own Uzi Rash finished off the night. Never offering the same band twice; this time the chief Rashster was all alone with guitar and candle. Soundtracks from your mama’s record collection interspersed with Rash classics. Catch them Thursday Sep 29th at the Knockout for the release of new zine: Orgazm Addict Issue #1. They also play Oct 4th at Jam City with no babies, Whitman and deep teen.

Uzi Rash

Next door at the Stork Club, Micky was busy throwing out some dude who jumped on stage with the opening act, Purple Mercy, sporting a nearly empty bottle of tequila. Purple Mercy took it all in stride and brought a Brian Jonestown charm to the one and only Barbie palace. Luckily Chuck showed up and whisked me off to a Fungi Girls listening party. The new album rules.

Purple Mercy