What better way to spend a Friday afternoon than watching a bunch of music videos? Here are four recent Bay Area-affiliated clips of note.

The debut album from WATERS (Port O’Brien’s Van Pierszalowski), Out In the Light, came out this week, and the seriously rocking “For the One” now has a special-effects-fueled video to go along with it. The band performs at The Independent on Saturday night.

Girlsmania continues with the release this week of a video for Father, Son, Holy Ghost-opener “Honey Bunny.” The video was directed by Ivan Shumaker and JR White and features Dominant Legs’ Hannah Hunt.

Fops ‘Cheater Carolina’ by Monotreme Records

Fops (Thee More Shallows’ Dee Kesler and Ral Partha Vogalbacher’s Chadwick Donald Bidwell) have a new EP called For Centuries out now, and recently premiered the video for “Cheater Carolina.” The band is inviting fans to pitch ideas for upcoming videos, and you can find out more about how to contribute here.

East Bay duo Bam!Bam! is prepping its first 7”, Let it Go, which comes out on October 22nd. The band’s video for “Hi-Fi Widows” is described as “inspired by early Veruca Salt and L7 videos.”