Temporary Residence Limited, the label home to post-rock and prog household names like Explosions in the Sky, Three Mile Pilot and more, have new albums coming out from two bands out of San Francisco: The Drift and Moholy-Nagy.

The Drift – “Horizon”

The Drift release Blue Hour on October 4, and will be touring Europe supporting Explosions in the Sky in November. A little about the band, and their new full-length from TRL:

It’s been a long, very difficult few years for our beloved friend in The Drift. The passing of Jeff Jacobs and the departure of Safa Shokrai signaled major creative and emotional transition for the group. But as we knew they could, they have risen like a phoenix, as the incredible new album, ‘Blue Hour’ attests. Now a trio with original bassist Trevor Montgomery (Lazarus, Moholy-Nagy, Tarentel), they have transformed repetition into meditation, meditation into melody, and melody into song. It’s a powerful testament to their resilience as a unit, and also proof positive of their uncanny communication as collaborators.

Moholy-Nagy – “Brute Neighbors”

The Drift’s Trevor Montgomery and Danny Paul Grody also claim membership in Moholy-Nagy, a trio with Jefre Cantu-Ledesma (The Alps) that reunites the three founding members of Tarentel. The band’s debut, Like Mirage, is out on Temporary Residence Limited on October 18th. While still in the vein of post-rock, their recordings seem to stretch out more in an ambient way, with spacey synthesizers and acoustic guitars. Says the label:

Recorded and mixed by Phil Manley of Trans Am and The Fucking Champs, Like Mirage is the culmination of many months of improvisation, exploration and a few scattered live performances in the Bay Area. Although beginning with no particular sound or vision in mind, the group’s interest slowly began to revolve around electric bass, analogue synthesizers, and the steady pulse of the drum machine. Expanding their pallet while in the recording studio to include piano, acoustic and electric guitars and the live drums of Damon Palermo (Jonas Reinhardt, Mi Ami), the group bottled a vibrant landscape that recalls the late 70’s explosion of cosmic and new age music as if it were a sunset descending on the damp streets of San Francisco.

No shows for either band are announced as of now, but we’ll keep you updated.

The Drift