Editor’s note: The above video features our very own Todd Wanerman interviewing the Family Crest during the band’s recent intimate show in Todd’s living room. Watch the video to find out more about the band’s history, their focus on community, and how they turned classically-trained musicians into a rock band.

The local multi-piece band The Family Crest has undertaken to play a live date of some sort every night this month of September. I was fortunate to host one such performance last Sunday, and do the interview included here.

No one planned this as an anniversary of 9/11. But it seemed nonetheless to be some sort of poetic symmetry, being visited on this date by a band that claims some 250 members (anyone who has every played or sang with them), and who are passionately committed both to their music and to promoting the ties between musicians and between people. (I admit to being biased – they got my son Arlo involved).

With half a month to go, you should be able to catch up with this remarkable group – their debut CD, The Village, is great. But this is a band to appreciate live.

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