I’m short on time this week (I’m covering another show Sunday night), so, as a man of words more than pictures, I offer you a haiku for openers Lord Loves a Working Man and Planet Booty, and a limerick for headliners Super Adventure Club.

First, a bonus haiku to set the scene:

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House was oversold
Frottage inevitable
Oxygen was scarce

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Lord Loves a Working Man -“Got What It Takes”

Many aim for soul
From wedding bands to hipsters
This is the real thing

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Planet Booty – “Ride That Booty”

The groove penetrates
All of our inhibitions
We share joyous sweat

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Super Advenure Club – “Girls Night Out”

There once was a band made of two
who accomplished what four often do
with two pairs of hands
they trumped larger bands
with their polyglot funk satire stew