With the Rock Make Street Festival coming this Saturday, September 17th, here is a preview of the six bands you’ll be able to see on the Deli Radio Stage at Folsom Street at 18th Street. Listen to music from Rock Make performers on Deli Radio’s Rock Make Radio channel. Our preview of the bands performing on the Audyssey stage ran earlier today.

Birds & Batteries – “Strange Kind Of Mirror”

Ranging from synth-based dance music to Americana, Birds & Batteries loosens the bonds of genre to reveal the basic element of a well-crafted song. Their music is deeply influenced by the rock, funk and soul music of the 70’s but is often accented by the blips and boops of contemporary electronic music.

James & Evander – “Turtle Two”

James & Evander’s ‘Constellating EP + 2’ is a departure for the duo, as it marks their first foray into the land of vocals. This five song EP is hybrid of the pair’s electro roots with emotive vocals layered over their signature subdued, lush synth pop that’s equal parts dreamy and alluring.

The Real by Strange Attractors

Live and in the studio, Sean Smith always pushes the boundaries of what we have come to be familiar with the guitar. His works continue to grow in expression and ability and his performances are absolutely jawdropping. He blends exquisite technical skill with keen creativity, Metal with Americana.

Phantom Kicks – “Cut From A Different Clay”

Phantom Kicks’ recently released ‘Tectonics’ EP showcases a collection of smartly arranged electronic indie pop mixed with the layered nuances of post-rock.

Mist Giant — “What With”

Mist Giant is an experimental electro indie post rock band from San Francisco. The band’s ‘Human Tree’ EP is out now, and a second EP is forthcoming.

SF rock band Vons de Qua kicks off the 2011 Rock Make Street Festival. The band cites The Ramones, The Runaways, The Beatles, and The Shaggs among other influences.