With the Rock Make Street Festival coming this Saturday, September 17th, here is a preview of the six bands you’ll be able to see on the Audyssey Stage at Treat Avenue at 17th Street. Listen to music from Rock Make performers on Deli Radio’s Rock Make Radio channel. We’ll be back later today with a preview of the bands performing on the Deli Radio stage.


Battlehooch unabashedly walks the line between pop sensibility and avant garde experimentation. The band describes their sound as “shape-shifting orchestral rock,” characterizing their tendency to write stylistically varied songs with unique arrangements.

Battlehooch – “Joke” (live)

Bare Wires – “Cheap Perfume”

Bare Wires patent their own brand of electrified garage punk, fusing glam glitter pop with garage punk grime, producing a sound that has been called everything from “Soft Punk” to “Leather Jacket Rock”.

Tartufi – “Dot Dash”

Tartufi explores the boundaries of vocal and instrumental layering, polyrhythmic deconstruction and song arrangement, offering a lush and weighty mix of the band’s compositional sensibilities and sonic daydreams.

Chucha Santamaria Y Usted – “Fiebre Tropical”

Originally hailing from Puerto Rico and New York respectively, ChuCha Santamaria Y Usted is a duo now based in Oakland. Their debut self-titled mini-LP is a head turning mix of pop, dance, italo disco and latin underbelly.

Cannons and Clouds

Cannons and Clouds – “Chameleons Migrate South”

Cannons and Clouds assert smartly designed, melody-forward indie rock. Their sound, both wistful and dynamic, is accentuated by slow-building acoustics, classical harp, and rich multi-part harmonies portraying unfeigned ballads and confessional narratives.

The San Francisco Rock Project is a nonprofit organization providing intensive performance-based music instruction for young musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area. The school combines private lessons with weekly performance rehearsals to prepare students for live performances at local music venues, festivals and special events.