Every year, The Bay Bridged heads to the Treasure Island Music Festival with two goals in mind: catching some great music, and helping attendees unburden themselves of embarrassing musical secrets through “Ferris Wheel Confessions.” High above last year’s Treasure Island festivities, we probed the minds of a number of you, as well as performers like The Sea and Cake, Surfer Blood and Phosphorescent. Enjoy the entertaining fruits of those music-focused therapy sessions above.

Also, the results of yesterday’s pre-TIMF confessions query, answering the eternal question “What’s the best (and worst) music for getting it on?”:

The best music/song for getting it on would have to be hip-hop or indie. Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’ comes to mind (and memory)…haha! CSS ‘Music Is My Hot Sex’ has a good beat & lyrics…music is definitely my hot hot sex. The worst…country and/or classical music. Classical is too distracting & country has no beat for my…well, beats.

Best: Instrumental music, preferably on vinyl so that when the side is over the record player just keeps going around making that end-of-the-side sound. I like that sound — it’s very post coital. Johnny Hodges “In A Mellow Tone” or John Zorn’s “The Gift” are good. You don’t want anything too interruptive. Good shopping music basically. But there are limits to this. Anything remotely Kenny G-esque and neither of you will ever be able to finish because you’ll be cringing too much.

Worst: Rap. Great for when you’re driving around the city thinking dirty thoughts, terrible in the sack. The bravado and boasting is hard to compete with. And anything that sounds even remotely misogynistic will kill the mood in a flash.

In middle school I told a boy that I wanted to lose my virginity to U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday.
I was being honest and I was (obviously) clueless.
I was a sixth grade hussy.

Best music for getting it on: The Dream “Falsetto” That song is intended to be put on repeat while you just put in ‘work.’ Any track that has lyrics such as, “It’s all over now. You can calm back down. We can talk in this key right here,” is meant for a night of threading and breading.

Worst music for getting it on: Anything by Kenny Chesney. That country version of Jimmy Buffett crap he tries to put out makes my dick soft. #REALTALK

Best music:
Crash Into Me- Dave Matthews Band
So Long, Lonesome- Explosions in the Sky
Peacock- Katy Perry

Worst music:
Macarena- Los Del Rio
Who Let the Dogs Out- Baha Men
Fuck A Dog- Blink-182

Congrats to the winners, who will each be getting a free ferris wheel trip during Treasure Island 2011, taking place on October 15-16, 2011.