Ferris Wheel Confessions - 2010
Just like we did in past years, The Bay Bridged will continue its tradition at the 2011 Treasure Island Music Festival of conducting “Ferris Wheel Confessions.” In exchange for a free ride on the island’s ferris wheel and getting the best views of the festival, brave souls must make a music-related confession!

Get warmed up for this year’s festival confessions by answering us one thing:

What’s the best (and worst) music for getting it on?

Email your answer to contest@thebaybridged.com, and by the end of the day today (Tuesday) we’ll pick the 6 best answers to receive a free ride on the ferris wheel at the 2011 Treasure Island Music Festival.

Tomorrow we’ll share those winning answers (anonymously, of course), and reveal our video of confessions from the 2010 festival. In addition to festival-goers, we caught a few on-camera confessions from performers The Sea and Cake, Surfer Blood and Phosphorescent. Stay tuned.