Blasted Canyons – “Death and a Half”

SF trio Blasted Canyons includes Matt Jones (Master/Slave, Jonesin’), Heather Fedewa (Wax Idols), and Adam Finken, rotating around guitars, keyboards and drums depending on the song. The band’s debut LP was recently released by Castle Face Records, and they also appeared on Castle Face’s recent Group Flex comp. To find out more about the band, I recommend Positive Destruction’s recent interview with the group, which includes:

There’s a great Lester Bangs quote where he says that “the first mistake of art is to assume it’s serious.”

Heather Fedewa: I was going to sum up everything by saying that this band started as a joke. And that’s how it will stay. It continues to be a joke. I mean, we love it, it’s fun, a lot of people like it but we recorded a song today, while I was eating lunch, because I had too much Sriracha. It’s called “Mouth on Fire”. It’s about eating too much Sriracha. That’s what our songs are about. It’s about nothing.

Blasted Canyons are performing at the Brick and Mortar Music Hall on Friday, August 19th, with Terry Malts, POW! and DJ Al Lover (9pm, $5).