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Mixtape: The Ones That Got Away (Podcast #255)

Our recent Regional Bias fundraiser concert featured the final local performance by Royal Baths before the band relocates to the East Coast, a fact that got us thinking about the many active artists who have left the Bay Area for other pastures in recent years. As an organization founded to champion local music, we focus on bands while they live here, but there’s always a lingering feeling that great bands that depart are “the ones that got away.” This podcast is a mix featuring thirteen bands and artists that no longer call San Francisco home, but that we’ll always consider respected Bay Area alumni, with all of the attendant rights and privileges that status confers.

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Tracklisting and Notes:

1. Craft Spells – “From the Morning Heat”
Although the band relocated to Seattle from Stockton earlier this year, Craft Spells are performing at the Rickshaw Stop on August 25th.

2. WATERS – “For The One”
After moving to Oslo, Port O’Brien’s Van Pierszalowski formed WATERS. WATERS performs at The Independent with Mister Heavenly on August 22nd

3. French Miami – “Older”
French Miami headlined our first Regional Bias fundraiser, but the band is now based out of Brooklyn. The trio is currently working on new material.

4. Deerhoof – “The Merry Barracks”
Although the band’s members have now scattered around the country, we’ll always consider Deerhoof a local band at heart. The group performs at the SFMOMA on September 15th.

5. Moon Duo – “Mazes”
Moon Duo (Sanae Yamada and Wooden Shjips’ Ripley Johnson) are now based in Colorado. The band’s latest album, also called Mazes, arrived in March.

6. Tamaryn – “Sandstone”
Tamaryn’s debut album, The Waves, was one of 2010’s great records. The singer recently moved to LA but she’ll be performing at the Great American Music Hall on October 7th.

7. Lemonade – “Lifted”
Brooklyn-via-SF electronic pop band Lemonade has been working on the follow-up to 2010’s Pure Moods EP. Lemonade performs at the Rickshaw Stop on August 18th.

8. Teen Witch – “I Don’t Mind”
Teen Witch didn’t relocate to New York as a band, but members Tyler McCauley and Caroline Partamian have Bay roots. He used to be in SF band Tempo No Tempo and she is a member of bi-coastal band The Splinters. Their new band’s self-titled cassette EP is out now.

9. Royal Baths – “Nikki Don’t”
As we noted above, Royal Baths are relocating to New York. The band has a new album already recorded and will be performing some East Coast shows with Dum Dum Girls.

10. WHY? – “This Blackest Purse”
A long time Oakland resident (and Anticon collective co-founder), Yoni Wolf of WHY? returned to Cincinnati last year. WHY? will be previewing new songs (due on an album in 2012) at the Great American Music Hall on October 5th.

11. The Mommyheads – “Spiders”
Indie pop pioneers The Mommyheads were one of San Francisco’s cult bands before the group broke up and several members moved away. The band has recorded a new album that will be released in the fall.

12. Nick Jaina (featuring Jolie Holland) – “You Were So Good To Me”
Jolie Holland wrote some of her new album, Pint of Blood, while she still lived in San Francisco. This song, which features Holland singing, comes from Nick Jaina’s new album The Beanstalks That Have Brought Us Here Are Gone.

13. Citay – “Careful With That Hat”
Citay’s Ezra Feinberg recently moved to New York, but he’s planning on heading back to California soon to record the band’s next album with Tim Green.