If you are heading to Outside Lands this weekend, here is a day-by-day schedule as recommended by the editors of The Bay Bridged. Unsurprisingly, our picks are generally indie rock and local band-focused, and they don’t spend as much time on the main stage as many attendees might prefer. Also, they don’t leave all that much time for getting food or beer, so you’ll have to find creative ways to scarf and chug as you’re moving quickly between stages. What these schedules do show, however, is that you can see a whole bunch of really good bands if you plan accordingly.

(Click the images for bigger versions)

Friday notes: Friday’s mid-day chillgaze (not a real term) block is a compelling excuse to come down with “food poisoning” and skip work tomorrow. Also, I know we don’t often (or hardly ever) cover rap music here, but I saw Big Boi at SXSW and he performed nothing but hits. There were a lot of them! And it was really fun!

Saturday: Like Friday, Saturday’s picks avoid the main stage entirely. If you aren’t into dancing to Girl Talk, this might be good a good night to leave early, beat the crowd, and recharge for a long Sunday.

Sunday: Sunday’s picks generated a lot of controversy around our studio, with sides divided about whether Little Dragon or Wye Oak was the better pick. Not represented above, however, was a similarly spirited debate about The Decemberists.

Okay, Outside Lands attendees, have fun this weekend! Be sure to tell all of your coming-from-outside-SF friends to bring lots of layers.