I finally made it to Oakland’s Sugar Mountain last Thursday (8/4/11). It’s just next door to my favorite freak scene, The Ghost Town Gallery. Fittingly, Uzi Rash broke my sugary mountain cherry. Always pushing the envelope, they opened with a Descendents cover, plowed through a short but screamy set and ended with the drummer upside down, feet in the air, drums scattered everywhere. 75 cent Olympias from the finicky but awesome, Midas-man vending machine kept us happily hydrated while some guy teased us with 2 hot dogs frying in a pan on the stove nearby. A new album should be available very soon! They return to Thee Parkside August 26th as part of thee Total Trash Fest. It’s super dark on the Mountain, making photography tough, but I did manage the following pics of the Rash interspersed with random gibberish. Enjoy.

Uzi Rash were followed by G.Green, straight outta Sac. And the moshing begins… I can’t stop listening to the “Gay 90s” demo on their MySpace. Did the Mac keyboard do away with the fucking sign for “cents”?

Having arrived way too early we caught Olympia Washington’s Broken Water doing an extended rehearsal backstage. It sounded good, dreary but good. We wanted to stay, really we did. We wanted to see Grass Widow, but we also wanted to keep our day job$. $teve Job$ where are the ¢ents? Found it! First time I used that pesky option key … weird to find ¢ hanging out with these characters: ™ £ ∞ § ¶ • ª º Æ’ ©. I want a ¢ key dang nabbit!