As we count the days until Saturday’s Regional Bias fundraiser show — featuring Little Wings, Royal Baths (farewell show!), White Cloud, and Sea of Bees — here are a few more details about some of the other treats in store on August 6th.


We’ve mentioned a few times that there will be food at Regional Bias. We’re pleased to announce that savory and sweet treats will be available for purchase from Rosamunde Sausage Grill and Rocky’s Frybread. You know what goes really well with beer and music? Sausages and frybread, so be sure to come hungry.


Local music comrades Kevin Meenan (Epicsauce) and Peter Arko (Ears of the Beholder) will be manning the DJ booth, making sure that there will be plenty of good tunes playing while you’re looking at cool art and snacking between sets.


We’ve got some great local artists lined up who will be showing pieces available for purchase on Saturday night, including Charlie Homo, Joshua Rampage, Jared Silbert, Kyle Field, and more.

Oh yeah, one more thing…

Attendees on Saturday night will receive a free, hand-screened show poster while supplies last, so get to the Verdi Club on time!