HALLOWEEN 2020 by LITTLE WINGS by Gnome Life Records

“Halloween 2020” comes from Made It Rain, a new cassette from Little Wings, who is co-headlining our Regional Bias fundraiser/birthday party on August 6th.

The new tape is out now on Gnome Life Records. Says the label:

This tape is a direct transmission from the mind of Kyle Field (A.K.A. Little Wings)… brain waves reflected off a storm cloud and the nearby ocean… song droplets from Kyle and the windy mother. A chill out tape of eclectic covers, Little Wings classics remixed, a little story telling, and a fully new song to boot.

Recorded on cassette tape live in The Dream Yurt, high on the cliffs of Big Sur, California, above the Pacific Ocean, one late night in May 2011, in the midst of a gentle but unrelenting rain storm which eventually cut the party short by outing the power. “Made it Rain” is a wild artifact from the wild west.

Field’s recent Black Grass is also seeing reissue as a tape for Gnome Life. Listen to a song from that great album below.

GOLD TEETH by LITTLE WINGS by Gnome Life Records