We’re a little over one week away from our annual Regional Bias concert (and our fifth birthday party!), taking place on August 6th at the Verdi Club in San Francisco (7pm, $10-20, tickets on sale now!). As we’ve said before, even though Regional Bias is a fundraiser, our top priority is making it a really fun, special night for everyone who attends. To that end, we’ve got four great bands performing — Little Wings and Royal Baths, White Cloud, and Sea of Bees — as well as DJs, art, and more.

Entertainment value aside, though, there’s another reason to buy tickets to Regional Bias to which we’ve already alluded. Your tickets help support the work of The Bay Bridged, our fiscally-sponsored nonprofit project dedicated to championing the best of Bay Area indie music. This year, we’ve continued to grow our support of local music, throwing a brand new free festival in Phono del Sol, and beefing up our blog coverage of local indie music with more posts about more bands. That’s in addition to our upcoming annual Rock Make Street Festival, other concerts we help promote and produce, and a whole bunch of other projects (online and offline) that we have currently in the pipeline.

Your support, by attending Regional Bias, will help us continue to do all of these things and more. It means the world to us to champion the amazing and wide-ranging collection of talented musicians who call the San Francisco Bay Area home, and we greatly appreciate any help you can offer. But even if the “out of the goodness of your heart” pitch doesn’t work, just know that Regional Bias 2011 is going to be a great night of excellent local music that you won’t want to miss. We’ll see you there!

All the best,
The Bay Bridged

Little Wings – “How Come”

Royal Baths – “After Death”

White Cloud – “Drag”

Sea of Bees – “Wizbot”