Ceremony signs to Matador

Ceremony has a pretty interesting story. They’re considered one of the Bay Area’s highly notable punk/hardcore bands, and at the same time, they are making inroads in the “indie community” the same way that Fucked Up has recently. The band’s last record, Rohnert Park, was a contender on plenty of best-of lists in 2010 that also recognized indie fare like Halycon Digest, Have One On Me, and others. Now, after signing to Matador Records, Ceremony’s admired self-destruction will effectively spread to more diverse crowds in all the cities worldwide where they’ve already left an serious impression.

Ceremony – “Sick”

The band plans to release a full-length studio record with Matador sometime next year. In the meantime, they have “new” music in the form of a covers record available now on Bridge Nine. Ceremony covers by “Public Opinion” by Urban Waste, “Nimrod’s Son” by The Pixies, “Holocaust” by Crisis, “American Society” by Eddie and the Subtitles, “5 to 10” by Vile and “Pink Flag” by Wire.

Speaking of covers, they’ve been doing a cover of “California Uber Alles” by the Dead Kennedys for years that makes people go nuts, like they do here:

Regrettably, Greenpoint was just too far away to catch Ceremony play a free Vans-sponsored show last week with No Age, Health, and Cults. The band’s now off to Europe, with no immediate homecoming US dates announced.