Aesop Rock - Phono del Sol 2011

First off, thank you. Thank you to everyone who came to Phono del Sol on Saturday, and thank you again to everyone who generously donated to help us fund the event. Thank you to Tiny Telephone and John Vanderslice. Thank you to Aesop Rock, Mirah, Man/Miracle, Magik*Magik Orchestra, Religious Girls, Appetite, Beth Lisick, and the Mutiny Radio DJs. Thank you to all of our volunteers, Jacob and the sound team, the video team, security, and everyone else who helped the event come out great. Thank you to all of the food trucks. Thank you to our sponsors and partners. Thank you to the sun, for eventually showing up, and to the rain, for not. Thank you to the skaters and the neighborhood residents for sharing their park with us. Thank you to the City for maintaining such a wonderful park.

In other words, thank you to everyone for a really, really, really fun festival that turned out even better than we expected. Enjoy this great set of Phono del Sol photos from Charlie Homo. We hope this event was just the first of many Phono del Sols in years to come.

In the shorter term, though, won’t you join us for our fifth birthday party?

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