Mixtape: The New Wave of Bay Area Shoegazers (Podcast #253)

Amidst its various other micro-scenes, San Francisco has long fostered bands incorporating the dreamy and noisy sounds of shoegaze. Over the years, groups like Film School, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Stratford 4, and others emerged from the Bay Area, employing dense, melodic distortion to much acclaim. Recently, it seems, a new crop of shoegaze-influenced bands has begun to emerge, led by breakout acts like Weekend, Young Prisms, and The Soft Moon. You’ll recognize some common threads among these bands, but there’s a diversity of influences and approaches here that suggests a bright future for Bay Area shoegazing.

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1. Tamaryn – “Mild Confusion”
2. Young Prisms – “Breathless”
3. Tied to the Branches – “Walls”
4. Permanent Collection – “Let It Go”
5. Moonbeams – “Oh Anna”
6. Weekend – “End Times”
7. The Soft Moon – “Breathe the Fire”
8. Whirr – “Leave”
9. Slowness – “Black & White”
10. Here Come the Saviours – “My Eyes Are Shining”
11. moonbell – “Figurine”
12. Thralls – “Pomegranates”