Phono del Sol 2011

As you should know by now, this Saturday, July 16th, The Bay Bridged and Tiny Telephone are throwing the first annual Phono del Sol Music and Food Festival in San Francisco’s Potrero del Sol Park. There are a lot of reasons to be excited about this FREE, all ages, all day festival, and we’ll be counting down those reasons all week long.

Today, let’s focus on the six great local acts that make up the live music portion of Phono del Sol. Below, learn a little bit more about all of the performers.

Aesop Rock

It’s been four years since acclaimed hip hop artist Aesop Rock released a solo album, but he’s been hard at work on a boatload of new projects. Along with Rob Sonic and DJ Big Wiz (who will both be in attendance at Phono del Sol), Rock is one-third of Hail Mary Mallon, who recently released Are You Gonna Eat That? on Rhymesayers. Additionally, Rock has been working with Kimya Dawson on songs for her album, as well as a joint project with the singer-songwriter. Finally, there’s the much anticipated next Aesop Rock solo album, which is also forthcoming.

What will Rock play at Phono del Sol? New stuff? Old stuff? You have to be there to find out.

Hail Mary Mallon – ”Smock”


Our other coheadliner is another longtime favorite, Mirah, whose terrific 2011 album with Thao Nguyen was the duo’s first, but the latest in a long line of great releases from this talented singer-songwriter. A longtime member of the K/Northwest scene, Mirah’s now based out of SF, and we’re happy to have her moving voice and keen, heartfelt songwriting on the local team.

Mirah – “Gone Are The Days”


Oakland’s Man/Miracle have been extremely busy lately, but we’ll wait until we publish an interview with the band later this week to talk about all of the latest developments. What we can say is this: over the years, we’ve watched these talented guys blossom as a group and release a killer album in The Shape of Things, but, above all, their live shows have always been a kinetic burst of energy to behold.

Magik*Magik Orchestra

Regardless of their configuration at any given show, the name Magik*Magik Orchestra means you’ll be seeing some top-notch classically-trained musicians pushing the bounds of classical music, indie music, or some combination thereof. Magik*Magik’s performance on Saturday should be a superb demonstration of the talent possessed by Tiny Telephone’s house orchestra.

Religious Girls

Religious Girls are a trio of multi-instrumentalists from Oakland whose prodigious talents and boundless energy are channeled into experimental rock-pop songs that weave between genres and styles. The band’s Phono Del Sol performance kicks off a massive US tour, and, given the band’s reputation for intense live shows, we’re expecting a great sendoff for these guys before they hit the road.

AwSoMe NuHaSt CaSsEtTe “LIVE LIVE” by Religious Girls


We reached all the way to Sacramento for festival opener Appetite, and that’s because we’re extremely excited to see Teddy Briggs and his band perform songs from the upcoming Scattered Smothered Covered, out on Crossbill Records on August 16th. Briggs’ ambitious, dense pop will be the perfect way to start what should be a great day of music!

Appetite – “Fiery Ring”