Wooden Shjips - West

Wooden Shjips – “Lazy Bones”

Wooden Shjips are releasing West on August 16th on Thrill Jockey, and Stereogum recently premiered “Lazy Bones.” According to the label:

The overriding theme for the album (as indicated by the title) is the American West, and all of the mythology, romanticism, and idealism that it embodies. The band members grew up on the East Coast, so for a long time the history and literature of the West was an abstraction and a fascination for them. Part of the allure of the West, which is part of the myth, is the concept of Manifest Destiny, the vastness, and the possibilities for reinvention, which is not to say that is what each song is specifically about, but it was very much an undercurrent during the songwriting of the album. The artwork also touches on the same theme by using an iconic structure that is both a gateway in a literal and metaphorical sense.

The band is playing Bottom of the Hill on August 18th, but more details on that have yet to be announced.