The freewheeling folk-rock of Collin Ludlow-Mattson and the Folks was recorded in a shack in West Oakland. According to Jessie from Seaweed Sway, whose Thursday night show at Amnesia (9pm, $7) serves as a celebration of seven years of SeaweedSway and Ludlow-Mattson’s CD release party, that setting created a certain palpable intimacy:

The isolation of the shack was ideal for making an intimate-sounding album—an album intimate with the aforementioned momentum. The fact that Collin recorded the lead vocal tracks all by himself late at night with a case of Pabst was, likewise, conducive to intimacy. When Collin wasn’t alone with the case of Pabst, he was with Matt Adams (from the Blank Tapes), who played many, many instruments; Lucas Boilon (of Sterling Says), who played mandolin and sang; Indianna Hale, who sang; and Sleepy Todd, who sang—with a new case of Pabst.

Two other SeaweedSway favorites round out Thursday’s bill: The Blank Tapes and The Beehavers. Listen to one more song from Collin Ludlow-Mattson and the Folks below.