The Wooden Birds, the Definite Articles, White Cloud at BOTH 6/25/11

Andrew Kenny, soft vocals in tow and American Analog Set history tucked neatly away, will be playing with the rest of the Wooden Birds this Saturday, June 25th at Bottom of the Hill (10:00 pm, $10/advance, $12/door). The band’s sophomore album, Two Matchsticks, is out now and follows quite nicely in Magnolia‘s footsteps (the band’s 2009 debut) – both albums tread warmly on dynamic, rhythmic indie rock, with the easygoing electric guitar leading the way from song to song.

The Wooden Birds – “Two Matchsticks”

The Definite Articles – “Sea Things”

White Cloud – “Trance State”

Check out the Wooden Birds for yourself this Saturday, and be sure to arrive early to catch local openers the Definite Articles (supporting their latest, King Merriweather) and White Cloud (who recently released a new single).