The Cries of San Francisco

The Cries of San Francisco, a public art event series, is scheduled to hold its Market Day Public Art Event this Saturday, June 11th at Mint Plaza (5th St. between Market and Mission) from 12:00 – 5:00 pm. About the Cries of San Francisco:

The Cries of San Francisco is a project by Allison Smith in collaboration with Southern Exposure that invokes the historic tradition of street peddlers hawking their wares with melodic songs and calls as a means of offering up social revelations on the temporal employments, habits, and callings of nearly 70 Bay Area artists, craftspeople, and other urban workers. The Cries of San Francisco takes the form of a public art event centered around Mint Plaza, a sculptural installation and a series of events at Southern Exposure and a publication chronicling the project.

About the Market Day Public Art Event, where “select Cries” (from around 70 Bay Area artists, craftspeople, and other urban workers) will be present to demonstrate their projects and meet with visitors, “sing their cries and hawk their wares”:

Criers will be stationed in Mint Plaza, and roaming within the project locations. “Meet Ups” take place at specific times and locations where some criers can be found.

For the duration of the day, SoEx will maintain project headquarters with information at Mint Plaza.

12:00pm: Announcements! Announcements! from the Town Crier at Mint Plaza
12 – 5 pm: The Criers hawk their wares and cry their cries at Mint Plaza and surroundings.
1:00pm: 5th & Market Meet Up
2:00pm: Market between 5th & 4th Meet Up
3:00pm: Yerba Buena Lane at Market Street, between 4th & 3rd Meet Up
4:00pm: Market Street & 3rd Meet Up
4:30pm: Criers return to Mint Plaza

More information about the events and the organizers can be found on the Cries of San Francisco website.