Creative Commons

Monday evening at pariSOMA Innovation Loft, the San Francisco based non-profit Creative Commons is hosting a salon, or panel discussion, on information sharing in the modern age. Panelists include CC’s own CEO and guests from the Wikimedia Foundation and the Urban School of San Francisco.

Creative Commons specializes in promoting degrees of licensing as a response to the overflow of information being distributed digitally. Their licenses “provide a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors, artists, and educators.” Go here for more information or to RSVP. There will also be a live streaming of the salon on Ustream.

About the event:

In the 21st century we are more connected to each other and to information than ever before. As curious and social creatures living in a digital age, we tend to share and distribute the information we receive at remarkable speed and with remarkable outcomes. The end result? Every single one of us, on any given day, is both a learner and an educator. Some of us are more one than the other; some of us are both at the same time. But every single one of us stands to benefit from a revitalized look at what education means in the 21st century.

Join us Monday, June 13 at pariSoma Innovation Loft for a panel discussion exploring the ways we can facilitate this desire to improve learning. How do we maximize the impact of education in a digital age, taking care not to leave anyone behind? How can we set up environments where information is free flowing? How can we shift business as usual so that it is the learners and educators themselves who shape the learning and educating?

Come hear how Creative Commons, Open Educational Resources (OER), technology, and openness in general have been crucial in reshaping the way we teach and learn (online, offline, in the classroom and out), and join the discussion of how we can continue to make it so.