SF Mixtape Society - 6/12/11

This Sunday at the Makeout Room, the SF Mixtape Society throws its sixth mixtape exchange party, with a unique contest this time around. In addition to winning prizes from SFMOMA, Photojojo, and Matador, Save KUSF has offered up a slot to a lucky winner to share their mix KUSF (for early submissions only and guest time slot is TBD, read details on SFMTS).

More fun: guest celebrity mixes will be available to purchase in support of SAVE KUSF. As usual, submissions can come as a cassette, CD or USB. All mix-makers are eligible for the prizes, and the exchange is done “secret Santa” style, from 4 to 6pm.

The theme for this installment is “Lemonade Stand,” suggested by one of SFMTS’ own, out of many summer-y theme suggestions, such as “School’s Out,” etc. Excited by the prospect of listening to a “Lemonade Stand”-themed mix on a hot San Francisco day, I can’t help but start postulating a potential playlist. Mine would definitely have to include this fun remix of who other, but Lemonade:

Lemonade – “Sunchips (Ghosts on Tape Remix)”

And also, a classic from The Sandwitches, in case we ever see some sunny weather:

The Sandwitches – “Back to the Sea”