If you’re anything like me, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of all of the new music that’s constantly floating around the Internet. Going forward, we’ll be creating special month-in-review mixes every thirty days to collect some our favorite new (or new to us) songs recently posted on the web site. Here are twelve of our favorites, all from Bay Area bands, found on TheBayBridged.com in May.

Best of Blog May 2011 Mix by TheBayBridged

Download link: Best of the Blog May 2011 Mixtape


1. Kids On A Crime Spree – “Sweet Tooth”
2. Nodzzz – “Heyday Past Heyday Due”
3. Future Twin – “Lockits”
4. The Art Museums – “Dancing with a Hole in Your Heart”
5. Grandma’s Boyfriend – “Jellyyyyyyyyyyy”
6. Ty Segall – “You Make The Sun Fry”
7. Ghost and the City – “The Devil”
8. 13 & God – “Its Own Sun (Antonionian Version)”
9. Chucha Santamaria Y Usted – “Fiebre Tropical”
10. Metal Mother – “Shake”
11. The Sandwitches – “Sirens & Bells”
12. Barn Owl – “Shadowland”