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In honor of the City Limits Presents: San Francisco compilation’s digital release yesterday, we are very happy to share the track contributed by Maus Haus, entitled “You Made My Radar.” The song will not be on the EP the band has scheduled to come out this summer, so this track is exclusive to City Limits for the time being. About the song from Maus Haus’ frontman Jason Kick:

Most of this song came about in the studio we work in now, just called Room Five. We were hanging out in the studio, found one of our electronic drum loops, and based on a Brian Eno oblique strategy, decided to speed it up double time. It sounded like a “jungle” beat. Joe ran into the live room and played drums with it. For some reason I tried playing one of my bedroom songs, just acoustic guitar and vocals, over it, and it had a spooky quality to it. Then we painted the song with lots of strange distorted + washed out noises, complementing the astronomy themes that the lyrics had.

A release party for the comp label’s first installment was just announced; it will be June 17 at Milk Bar, featuring Maus Haus, Exrays, The Sandwitches and Fiveng, with a DJ set from Kites Sail High (8pm, $12). Album preorders will be available for pickup there!

City Limits Presents: SF party

City Limits Presents: San Francisco is available for purchase on the label’s bandcamp site.

You can stream the whole comp below: