Royal Baths – “After Death”

The Sandwitches – “Joe Says”

If you are at all familiar with DIY arts, crafts, or design, you probably know Kelly Malone, the creator of Indie Mart and Workshop SF. Malone has given a great deal to SF arts and culture, and now, faced with an advanced stage of cancer, she needs our help:

This past April, Kelly was diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer that had spread to non-localized areas as a result of previous battles. Originally dropped from her previous insurance because of the cancer diagnosis, Kelly has had no chance of obtaining new health insurance due to this pre-existing condition. Through this all, Kelly keeps a smile on her face and continues to give back to San Francisco, often devoting much of her own income and sweat to continue businesses that enrich the city. As a successful small business owner, designer, artist, event planner, part of the Treasure Island Music Festival & Noise Pop, Kelly has been able to keep up with medical bills through the ongoing treatments, surgeries, and chemotherapy schedules. But this latest diagnosis requires a treatment path that will exceed her financial abilities, and most likely require her to take a hiatus from her businesses. So she is now asking San Francisco for a helping hand.

The “Kelly Malone v. The ‘C’ Word” benefit concert takes place at The Independent on Tuesday, June 7th (8pm, $15, $50 VIP), and it features five terrific local bands: Social Studies, Royal Baths, Carletta Sue Kay, The Art Museums, and The Sandwitches.

Were this just a regular concert, this set of bands would be well worth your time and money anyway, but knowing that it’s for a great cause makes it all the better. Our best wishes go out to Kelly during this battle, and we’re really looking forward to this show.