Ty Segall – “You Make the Sun Fry”

Yesterday, Drag City released the cover art, first song, and tracklisting for Ty Segall‘s upcoming album, Goodbye Bread, out June 21. The art: So cute. The song: rocking. The tracklisting: Um, informative. In other Ty news, the I Can’t Feel It 7″, which includes non-album B-side “Falling Hair,” is out now, and Segall’s performing at The Independent on July 2nd (9pm, $8).

Want to hear one more song from Goodbye Bread? Ty and his band introduced “California Commercial” on the Live in Aisle Five LP earlier this year:

Ty Segall – California Commercial by southpaw138

Goodbye Bread Tracklisting:
1. Goodbye Bread
2. California Commercial
3. Comfortable Home (A True Story)
4. You Make the Sun Fry
5. I Can’t Feel It
6. My Head Explodes
7. The Floor
8. Where Your Head Goes
9. I Am With You
10. Fine