Barn Owl - Shadowland

Barn Owl – “Shadowland”

As we near the release of Barn Owl‘s Shadowland, out on Thrill Jockey on June 23, the EP’s title track has been exposed for listening. This three-song, 23 minute EP promises a ride through the galaxies via minimalist, droned out guitar (they’re sort of Bay Area Sunn O))), allowing just enough time for a quick yoga sesh at sunrise. About the record, from the label:

The new material on Shadowland takes inspiration from the devotional sounds of Popol Vuh and Alice Coltrane and also possesses the pitch black weightlessness of Fushitsusha and early Tangerine Dream. With waves of guitar soaring over liquid synthesizers tones, Barn Owl combine lush, melancholic serenity with cacophonous, deconstructed guitar to exhibit a visceral meeting of light and dark. Cyclical themes were explored heavily: mantric guitar processions, swelling bass waves, and fluttering tremolo hypnotism.

Barn Owl is currently on a European tour with Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, returning to the states in early August. US tourdates are TBD for late summer and fall, with another record to follow.