Antenna Farm Records - We Are All Awesome

Antenna Farm Records is a local record label, a label that champions the Bay Area and beyond by selecting talented, hard-working artists and releasing their records. The label’s past and present roster includes Papercuts, The Donkeys, The Botticellis, Still Flyin’, Bart Davenport, Agent Ribbons, and many more.

To commemorate their efforts and to show appreciation for the artists on their roster, the Antenna Farm folks are releasing a free compilation, entitled We Are All Awesome:

Every once in a while, we at Antenna Farm are reminded of how lucky we are to be doing what we’re doing: working with some of the most talented musicians and creative artists we know, doing our small part to bring their work to the world at large.

And with that, we are pleased to release a brand new compilation of some of our favorite tracks from the last few years. We Are All Awesome is a love letter back to these great musicians and a tribute to their craft. Featuring some of our favorite cuts from the last few years worth of AF releases, this is a great way to get yourself acquainted, or re-acquainted with the Antenna Farm catalog.

A free digital download of the 15-song compilation will be sent to those interested in exchange for signing up for the label’s mailing list (which sends out monthly updates). Additionally, a free CD version of the compilation is available, and though you will have to pay a small shipping fee, the fee will be waived if you purchase any other title from Antenna Farm’s catalog.