Now that Kickstarter has established itself as a legit option for bands to raise money and connect with their fans, new Kickstarter campaigns are popping up left and right, and bands/artists are coming up with new and creative ways to reward their fans for their contributions. Here are some local projects that have recently launched Kickstarter campaigns:

  • Tartufi wants to create a new album – the duo’s 7th release as a band, capping off 10 years of making and releasing music – and needs a little help from the fans:

    In this our tenth year of being a band, we, TARTUFI, are gearing up for a new album (our 7th release) and opening our project up to some big changes. We have rebuilt our rig (again!) and we are working very hard to do more with less gear. Whereas in the past we have regularly added instruments, effects, and layers we are now striving to further push our dynamics and writing style. The mellow bits will be gentler and more beautiful and the heavier parts will rip your face off. After years of being a critically acclaimed duo, we have added Ben Thorne to the band – formerly of Low Red Land and easily one of the best rock bassists in the Bay Area- and have been experimenting with having other players sit in with us.

  • The Victory and Associates recorded their debut album at Tiny Telephone, and are attempting to raise some extra dough to release the album on vinyl (complete with Gatefold artwork and download codes):

    On Monday April 18th-Thursday 21st, the 4 men of Victory and Associates entered Tiny Telephone studio in San Francisco to record 11 songs of rock ‘n roll fury. Crowd favorites such as “You Can’t Stop The Signal” and “Get Tough, Get Through It”, along with newer, lesser known jams such as “Noises, Voice, You” and “Brothers Doing It For Themselves”. This record, the 4th release by V&A and first full length record, will be called: THESE THINGS ARE FACTS.

    Yes, we understand that people expect to hear the product before buying with music these days. This won’t be the case for this record, and you are just going to have to deal with that. Consider it an act of faith. In mid May, the songs will be mixed by John Congleton (Mountain Goats, David Byrne, Modest Mouse, Smog, etc.), and sent off to mastering. This album will occur, this is a FACT.

  • Sound and Shape is an audio-visual project featuring local experimental musicians and visual artists and their combined works. This Kickstarter project supports the release of a Sound and Shape Performance Series Boxset, complete with five LPs and an accompanying book:

    Our goal with this kickstarter is to acquire the funds to make a boxset of collected sounds and visuals of a project called SOUND AND SHAPE. The boxset would come with five LP’s(each side dedicated to each artists performance) and a comprehensive book that chronicles the construction of the sound sculpture and all of the performances. We feel this project was a vital moment in the connection between visual art and the experimental music scene in San Francisco, and look forward to presenting a beautifully packaged time capsule of these exchanges.

  • Blackbird Blackbird wants to release Halo on vinyl and CD-R (with custom-made artwork/jackets/sleeves), and instead of a record label, the band is choosing to “sign to the people”:

    BLACKBIRD BLACKBIRD is stepping up their game and raising money to release HALO on 12″ Vinyl and CD-R!

    All artwork, CD-Rs, jackets and sleeves will be custom-made by the band should the $5000 goal be reached!

    Give what you can and accelerate the development of a music movement that you can be directly involved in!