Chucha Santamaria Y Usted – “Fiebre Tropical”

Sofía Córdova and Matthew Kirkland are Chucha Santamaria Y Usted, an Oakland duo crafting forward-thinking electronic dance-pop that confronts ideas bigger than just getting people moving:

The concept for the album was born out of a general dissatisfaction with the conventions of art making while Sofía pursued an MFA degree during her last year in grad school. The album, which serves to chronicle various Caribbean histories ranging from the ‘discovery’ of Puerto Rico in 1492 (“Fiebre Tropical”) to personal narratives which describe the actual process of immigration (the song “Dipsi Daiver” pronounced Dip-Si Dai-Ver, which phonetically spells ‘deep sea diver’) seeks to address the pains and pleasures of wrestling with the legacy of colonialism, leaving home for the US… and ultimately finding a space on the dance floor.

The Chucha Santamaria Y Usted mini LP is out June 28th on clear vinyl courtesy of Young Cubs.