The Bay Bridged is pleased to debut the first video from the Shannon and the Clams‘ new LP, for the title track, “Sleep Talk.” The video was directed and shot by Hannah Lew, whose many talents include playing bass in Grass Widow and being an award-winning local filmmaker. See more of her work on her personal website, and enjoy an exclusive artistic statement she shared with us about this piece:

I collaborated with the band on the concepts in the video. I wanted to make something that would really showcase their aesthetic and sense of humor. There were definitely times during the filming of “Sleep Talk” when I was laughing too hard to yell “Cut!”

I like films that rest heavily on physical comedy and body language. (Think Chaplin, Keaton, Norman Maclaren, Jaques Tati). So, working within the music video format-without dialogue-works really well for me. As a musician-I really think within the attention span of a song’s length and think of film-making in a similar realm of story telling.

This was the first piece I shot with a new super 8 film stock, since they discontinued Kodachrome, and I was really pleased with the results. We’re talking about doing a video for another song off of their album called “Toxic Revenge,” so keep your eyes peeled.

Sleep Talk is currently available from 1-2-3-4 GO! Records, and if you live in Omaha, Kansas City (MO), Denver, or Salt Lake City, you can catch the band this week on the concluding dates of their national tour with Hunx & His Punx.

Shannon and the Clams – “Sleep Talk”