Jib Kidder - Music for Hypnotized Minds

Asthmatic Kitty‘s Library Catalog Music Series features a variety of artists creating unique instrumental recordings – “for possible use in films and television, background sounds for home or office, or personal needs, such as relaxation, stimulation, meditation, concentration, or elevation.”

Jib Kidder – “Cruising”

Oakland-based Jib Kidder (a.k.a. Sean Schuster-Craig) has contributed Music for Hypnotized Minds to the series, wherein the audio-visual artist has used the Asthmatic Kitty catalog to create a new set of instrumentals:

For his Library Catalog release, Jib Kidder limited his sound palette to the existing AK catalog, using only turntable manipulations, respatializing effects (echo, reverb, EQ) and splicing to create new mood-based shorts. As in the artist’s past works, Music for Hypnotized Minds draws on the dream-logic ideas of hybridization, dislocation & temporal simultaneity. The results are the perfect record for meditation in motion like reflective, solitary walking or summer highway cruising with loved ones.

Music for Hypnotized Minds is available now, and the rest of the Library Catalog Music Series is available as well.

In addition to building songs for Music for Hypnotized Minds from the Asthmatic Kitty catalog, Jib Kidder also created visuals for “Blue” by pulling together clips from Asthmatic Kitty videos:

Jib Kidder – Blue from Asthmatic Kitty on Vimeo.