As I get older, memories of my youth become fuzzier – but I can say with a certain level of confidence that at the age of 13, I was less interested in civil rights issues and indie rock and more interested in hair products and winning volleyball games. For local 13-year-old Noah Hornik, however, indie rock is a primary interest, one that he is channeling to help support a good cause.

Noah has put together a benefit show at Great American Music Hall on 4/24/11 (7:00 pm, $25), entitled “It Gets Indie.” Proceeds will go to the Trevor Project and the “It Gets Better” series. Social Studies, Rabbit!, and Handshakes have all signed up to play for the cause.

SF Gate recently posted an interview with Noah about the show, revealing more background about the situation and how much money he has managed to raise thus far (despite heavy overhead from securing a venue and executing a live show). The interview is very heartfelt and worth a thorough read, as it demonstrates the teen’s wise-beyond-his-years tenacity while also reminding us of his youth (“There’s even a $3,000 drink minimum! So I can’t invite too many eighth-graders”).

Noah launched a Kickstarter campaign and exceeded his $5000 goal by over $2000 (135 people backed the project – one person even donated a whopping $1000). The funds raised through Kickstarter go towards production costs of the event (venue funding, sound equipment, engineers, etc.):

I attended a number of vigils when Proposition 8 passed. At these protests, I got to see the light in people’s eyes and the sorrow in their hearts as they stood up for what they believed in. That experience made me realize how important it is to have the moral courage to support those who constantly have hatred thrown upon them, and rights taken away from them, simply for who they are. It made me realize that I needed to take a stand.

In September of this past year 15 year-old Billy Lucas hung himself because he bullied for being gay. Around that time there were also many other reported suicides by LGBT youth only a few years older than I. This devastated me, and once again reminded me how important it is to take a stand.

Those interested can help Noah take a stand by attending the show on the 24th (this Sunday!), and checking out the Trevor Project and “It Gets Better”.