We’re used to getting treats on Record Store Day, but usually those that require a fight to the vinyl stacks or the hope that the person in front of you isn’t pining for the same Arthur Russell LP.

The crowd at Armadillo Music in Davis was rewarded for their patience with a brand new song from Sacramento’s Sea of Bees, which won’t be recorded for some time. Amongst friends and patrons of the record store, Julie Baezinger played an intimate set full of her solo performance nuances — she distracts herself and the audience with the story behind “Crooked Teeth.”

Adding to the comedy of this video, a toddler coughs (most likely on the goldfish crackers she had been grinding into Armadillo’s carpet), smoothly transitioning Jules out of her endearing banter and into playing the song. (Note: please forgive the audio glitches, I wasn’t properly prepared for recording a video, but couldn’t resist the opportunity to share a new song with the world).

“Crooked Teeth” is arguably the most honest Julie Baezinger has ever been in her music about coming out, being about her first kiss. By the second verse and into the bridge, you start to feel the intensity that will surely be more powerful when the song is arranged in the studio. It might be difficult to fully soak this song up within the live, acoustic environment, but we suspect that her work post-Songs for the Ravens will be her best yet! No official recording time or upcoming releases have been announced just yet, so stay tuned.