Terry Malts @ The Knockout 4/3/11 from The Bay Bridged on Vimeo.

The odds are slim that you’ve seen or heard about Terry Malts unless you rest on a peripheral ring of this punk revival band’s social circle. The trio maintains a low profile. They don’t really bring up that they are a stemmed project from another band all three members are part of. Rather, they let the character “Terry” do all the talking:

Terry Malts twitter

Consult a friend or an attendee of the handful of shows they’ve played in small local venues, and he or she is likely to claim Terry Malts as a current favorite. In truth, Terry Malts rips. Melodic vocals and inventive guitar leads make for a polished, 70s punk-inspired ditty; then pair it with fuzzy, blown-out guitar solos and eager drumlines, and it comes off as charmingly and timelessly punk. The amount of joy felt during a Terry Malts set has single-handedly destroyed the apathy I’ve maintained for many years of being “over punk and on to new things.” There’s not on a single song on their first recording (via local tape label Loglady) with a verse I didn’t want to sing along to.

Terry Malts – “In the Waiting Room”

Of those songs, “I’m Neurotic” will be re-released on a 7-inch out April 26 on Slumberland Records. In other Terry Malts news, they’ll be playing SF Popfest this year (full schedule) with many awesome acts for the Slumberland showcase.