WIDE by BIRD BY SNOW by Gnome Life Records

As part of Gnome Life Records‘ “Echomancy” series of cassette releases, Bird By Snow just put out Subtle Body, a tape of new songs recorded at home using just one mic. “Wide” is a bewitching song from the new tape that is both quiet and attention-capturing. Subtle, indeed.

Pick the tape up over at Gnome Life. More info from the label below.

“Subtle Body” summons songs from the subtle/energetic landscape of glorious California. Songs smuggled back from an astral hike through vibrational hills.

Recorded on a cassette tape with one mic at home, Bird By Snow takes a breather from recent studio excursions and returns to the lo-fi side of life with this EP. Turns out the old ways are still full of surprises, and the songs here ought to surprise you too… true to form it’s not like any other BBS album. Simultaneously intimate and super spaced out, it kinda feels like the soundtrack to a lucid dream – one where you fly out over the ocean, and it just goes on and on and on!

Ï€ (Pi) was chosen as the symbol for this album because it stands in for the theoretical number associated with the arc of a wave, “Subtle Body” has that same kind of slow unfolding.