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Papercuts return home with Fading Parade

I’ve been listening to Fading Parade, the latest from Papercuts, like crazy lately, and every spin has me confused as to why this band isn’t yet a bigger name. Jason Quever has constructed an album that’s lush and layered, but rooted in great pop songs that thrive in the haze. Papercuts will be at Cafe Du Nord on April 9th (9:30pm, $12/14), with Banjo or Freakout.

Papercuts – “Do You Really Wanna Know”

So much of what is called “power pop” has this off-putting slick sheen, an artificial sweetness more saccharine than sugary. Thankfully, that’s not the case with The Wrong Words, whose high energy garage pop maintains a rough-around-the-edges feel. The group is marking the release of its first full length at The Knockout on April 8th (9pm, $7), with The Mantles, Lenz, and Wet Illustrated.

The Wrong Words – “Summer’s Gone”

The Mantles – “Raspberry Thighs”

Buxter Hoot’n comes out next month, but local indie-Americana band Buxter Hoot’n are giving copies of their new third record to everyone who attends the band’s release show on Friday, April 8th at Cafe Du Nord (9:30pm, $10). Devotionals and Nick Jaina open the show.

Devotionals – “Chest Like Expansive Wings”

The Dodos headline The Fillmore

So, pressing questions first: is it now just Dodos or is it still The Dodos? In any event, the duo’s latest record is being hailed as a return to form sonically, and their live shows have always been explosive. The guys return home with a show at The Fillmore on April 7th (9pm, $18.50), with Reading Rainbow.

The Dodos – “Don’t Stop”