Michael James Tapscott – “Sample 1”
Michael James Tapscott – “Sample 2”

Odawas‘ Michael Tapscott has collaborated with friend who he calls a “revolutionary poet,” Andrew Kenower, to release the cassette Challenger with the tape label Digitalis Industries. Samples of the tape label’s other winter releases are posted on the Dial Square Tapes blog.

Tapscott built Challenger using field recordings done by Kenower in Holland; though blending calm and introverted warm tones, the songs are themed off of “thoughts and visions from The Challenger disaster in 1986 and the human error that caused it.” If you’re interested in these concepts, Tapscott also recommends you check out chapter 2 in Edward Tufte’s Visual Explanations.

Though we don’t usually dig up much in the way of field recordings, there are a few names in the Bay Area we do know, including Islay Banks, who did a Jake Mann remix we posted last year on the blog. Feel free to contribute more local field recording (or field recording-inspired) projects in the comments!